Natacha Best

Born: 1961 in Paris, France.

Natacha lives and works in Paris, France and Hydra, Greece dividing her time equally between the two.

The landscapes, especially the architecture, of all the countries she has travelled to, have attracted her passion and imagination.

Her recent water colours of the Greek Islands are extraordinary; capturing meticulously the detail and spirit of Greece. The Mediterranean light and shade are perfectly reflected in her work.

Natacha's emotional balance can be found in her imaginative pastel portraits of women.

She has exhibited for more than twenty years throughout France, Spain and Greece. Her delightful and compassionate work has found the homes of many collectors and art lovers.

Since 2006 , she is the Vice President of the Verena Foundation .


Sorbonne, Paris
Ecole du Louvre,Paris

Studies of History of Arts
Studies of Archaeology


1985 Arcueil, France , Town hall
1985 St.Malo, France , Art Center
1986-1991 St.Jean de Luz, France , Public Exhibition Place Louis XIV
1987 Bayonne, France ,Town hall
1988 Hendaye, France , Art Center
1989 Fontarrabie, Spain , Galerie del Parador
1990 St.Jean de Luz, France , Galerie Art Deco
1991 St.Jean de Luz, France , Galerie d'Ici et d'Ailleurs
1992 St.Jean de Luz, France , Galerie d'Ici et d'Ailleurs
1993 Biarritz, France , Galerie Pages
1994 Biarritz, France , Galerie Maisonnave
1995 Paris, France , Galerie du Trinquet
1996 Orgeval, France , Galerie du Cercle
1997 Sceaux, France , Banque de la Societe Generale
1998 Paris, France , Galerie du Trinquet
2000 Naxos, Greece , Venetian Museum
2000 Paris, France , La Bucherie
2000 Paris, France , Electron Libre
2001 Paris, France , Galerie Arc en Ciel
2001 Hydra, Greece , Lagoudera
2001 Hydra, Greece , Melina Mercouri Center
2001 Hydra, Greece , Emborium Gallery
2002 Hydra, Greece , Lagoudera
2002 Loutraki, Greece , Les Galets bleus
2003 Hydra, Greece , Melina Mercouri Center
2003 Hydra, Greece, La Galerie
2004 Hydra, Greece, Lagoudera with William Pownall, Iris Charamis & Pascal Foucart
2005 Historical Archives - Museum of Hydra
2006 Vice President of the Verena Foundation
2007 Hydra,Greece, permanent exhibition at the Verena Foundation
2007 Dinard,France, Galerie Daniel Besseiche ( september 8 - october 6 )
2007 Paris, France , Galerie Daniel Besseiche (december 8-december22)

Featured in 1999 in the movie: Parents a mi temps, France.
Hydra Island Greece, Greek


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